Answer: Go to the www.ecms.ph and click SIGN UP NOW
Answer: Authorized representative or broker that will process the release of container. Importers/Exporters are highly recommended to register so they are able to Nominate their authorized Brokers and in turn the broker will be entitled to VAT exemptions of Importer/Exporter (if any)
Answer: Submit/attach documents from Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) certifying that company is VAT exempt/Withholding agent. Ascent Solutions will check and verify documents before exemption can be applied.
Answer: You may make changes in the USER ▬►UPDATE REGISTRATION. To change the email address, please call Customer Support for assistance.
Answer: Trip booking can be done by the Importer/Exporter or its authorized Broker or Consignee representative
Answer:  Php 500.00 – within 10km radius from port of discharge
Php 700.00 – beyond 10km radius from port of discharge
Answer: Trip booking shall be made at least one (1) hour prior to exit from the port.
Answer: No container trip booking in the E-TRACC System shall mean No Approval of the SAD.
Answer: Changes can be made to unpaid transactions. For paid transactions, please call Customer Support for assistance
Answer:  E-TRACC PREPAID – through bank cash/check deposit or fund transfer
Dragonpay - payment channels to be supported:
Gcash Dragonpay Credits Online Banking

Make a CASH DEPOSIT or FUND TRANSFER through BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO).
Account type: BDO Current Account
Account Number: 002890236567
The initial fund amount to Deposit/Transfer is Ten Thousand Pesos (10,000.00 PHP)

Send an e-mail to: accounting@myascents.ph
Include/Attach the following details:
- Electronic copy of Bank Validation Slip
- ECMS User ID

Payment is credited to the E-TRACC Prepaid Account User One (1) Business day after receiving the email indicated above.

Cut-off period and posting of deposit shall be from 9 AM to 2 PM. Proof of payment emailed after 2 PM shall be reflected on the next business day. An email from Ascent's Finance Office shall be sent as confirmation and posting of additional fund.


In the OR VIEW, click the CRITERIA button and type any of the following:
a. Date Range
b. Importer or Exporter
c. Official Receipt Number
d. BL Number
e. Container Number

Click the SEARCH button and a list of available Official Receipts will appear. You may then click VIEW SCANNED OR to be directed to the actual Receipt or you may click the OR Number to be directed to the details of transactions.

Transactions paid through Dragonpay will be posted on the website 1 week after payment while transactions paid through ETRACC Prepaid will be posted after 3 days.

Original copies of receipts are available for pickup every Friday from 10AM to 5PM
Metro Manila – 2F Export South Wing 4, Pair-Pags Center Ninoy Aquino Ave, Pasay City
Provinces – designated Ascent Solutions Philippines office in the area. You may call Customer Support for more details.

Arming of the GPS Device
Answer: The vehicle driver must stop at the designated Arming Station at the Port of Discharge for Import; and the respective Exporters warehouses after stuffing of container for Export.
Answer: The Bureau’s authorized personnel shall not remove the device from the container if any sign of tampering or discrepancy is observed. This shall be immediately reported to ESS and PID for investigation and enforcement action.